Core Health Facilitators in Ireland:

Margie Lynch, ND, Dip.Herb, RGN (ICU), CHF

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Cork, Ireland
Ph. 353-21-4888750

I have studied many self help modalities over the years. My journey becoming a Core Health facilitator has been both inspiring and awakening. Personally what I feel about Core Health is that it enables a person to get to the root cause of their issues very quickly, lovingly and painlessly. The whole dynamic of Core Health becomes a very enjoyable experience. I have been a Nurse for 22 years, and now a practicing Naturopath and Herbalist. I live with my partner Sean in Co. Cork, Ireland. We are currently developing the Rasayana Naturopathy Centre with teaching facilities on our biodynamic farm where Core Health has a very special and important place.

Sean O Halloran, CHF, Naturopath, Organic Farmer,

Sports Psychology

Ballinreeshig Nature Farm

Outdoor Education Center

Cork, Ireland

Ph. 353-87-2581990 or 353-21-4888750

Core Health offers and demonstrates a very simple energetic technique to an individual to be free of the many limiting complexities created over a lifetime. Core Health facilitates each one of us to explore and live our life’s true purpose. ┬áHaving lived all my life in the community I was born into, and I am blessed by the many life disciplines I have been fortunate to study. My motivation is to create a centre for learning and healing on our Farm through the wisdom that nature has to offer. Additionally, I am a Biodynamic Landscape Design Consultant, Hippocrates Health Educator, and Live-Foods Nutrition Coach

Being a lifelong sports enthusiast, both as a player of Gaelic games and coach, I see enormous benefits that Core Health can provide to the ambitious sports person.