Core Health Facilitators in California

Craig Allen, CHF

Ph. 916-792-3507

I am an entrepreneur at heart. There is something about being your own boss that I cannot seem to leave behind.  Currently, when I am not facilitating a Core Health or Funny Money program, I spend my time helping natural health product distributors and healers market their goods and services on the internet.  I am committed to spending my life teaching and being a student of natural health and energy medicine techniques.  In addition to being a certified Core Health facilitator, I am a practitioner of Neuro-Cellular-Repatterning (NCR), a Raw Food Chef, and a Living Foods Lifestyle Coach.  I also am an outdoor adventure enthusiasts, world traveler, lifetime student, and soon to be father. May you all find your path as fulfilling and full of love as I do!

Dr. Juliette DesJardins, MD, JD

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San Francisco, California

I completed a fellowship in Child Psychiatry at Vanderbilt University and also a Certification as a Light Body Energy (Shamanic) Healer through the Four Winds Society. I thus have trained and been practicing in many modalities of healing. My diverse set of practices serve children, adolescents, adults and families. My teenage clients and families really enjoy doing Core Health work. I am impressed how Core Health works so deeply in such an efficient manner.