Core Health Facilitators in Brandon, Florida

Heather Honey Smith, BS, LMT, HFF, CHF

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Brandon, Florida
Ph. 813-340-0847

I’m a Licensed Massage Therapist specializing in Structural Energetic Therapy® and have a Bachelor’s Degree in Alternative Medicine. Liberating people from their old, stuck paradigms (physical, mental, emotional & spiritual) is what I have been called to do my whole life…and I’ve now found the path! As Dr Ed says: “The Key Is To Be FREE!”

After ia year pursuing a PhD in Somatic Psychology, I met Dr. Ed Carlson and realized this was time to re-direct my life! I graduated from Heart Forgiveness training in 2010, and truly enjoy facilitating group sessions & weekend retreats locally and around the country! I became a Core Health Facilitator in 2011 as a natural next step. I am eager to expand my abilities with CH and Funny with Money in 2012. I participated in the pilot series “Core Creativity”, a new creation in the Life Application series!

As a Reiki Master and Ordained Minister, I am very familiar with the uses of energy to measure and increase natural health, thus the Core Health & Heart Forgiveness programs really resonate with me. I am excited about Core Health as the inside complement to my SET bodywork practice!

You Really CAN Feel Better!

Valerie Hodges, CHF

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Valrico, Florida

In 2006 I needed to find a way to reduce my stress levels and take control of my health. I knew that negative thoughts had a direct effect on my health and if I think something is real, it is real to me. I did not know how to change my negative thoughts, nor did I have the skills to let them go. I had tried “talk” therapy, group workshops, diet programs and women empowerment groups; after each, I always ended up exactly where I started. I knew I must find something that was effective long term.

A friend suggested I take Heart Forgiveness with my adult children. I witnessed first hand the difference it made in my children, in our family and in me. I also learned there was more I could do to help myself be a better me. I started the Core Health series and decided to become a Facilitator. I am a firm believer that you know what you have been taught . . . until you learn something new.

Core Health is my something new. I am eager to assist others to experience this simple, fast, and amazing process. I delight in sharing these skills with others so they can make positive shifts in their lives. Everyone now has the opportunity to be healthy and happy and the Core Health Series does precisely that. Here I am, here I stand and I am thrilled as this journey continues.

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Brian Ward, CHF

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Brandon, Florida

I have an anthropology degree and co-facilitated the “Incarcerated Criminal Drug Addicts” research program. I am investigating and exploring the applications of Core Health Expansion/Facilitation in regard to the fields of personal growth and development and maximum human potential. I promote the benefits of this life enhancing process among children ages 5-95. I have led the workshop “Healthy Weight, Beyond What Goes Into YOUR Mouth,” and am qualified to lead the other skill development workshops. I completed Grandmaster David Harris’ Advanced Healing Course, and have become an ordained minister.