Core Health Facilitators in Clearwater, Florida


Philip Orth, M.A. CHF

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Clearwater, Florida

Ph. 727-443-0327

For 35+ years I have been a student of spirituality and psychology, and a professional educator. I studied A Course in Miracles for 12 years and leading classes for 5 years. I am a certified yoga instructor conducting a weekly class with a deep meditative focus for the past 2.5 years. I provide DVD lectures by Dr. David R. Hawkins, M.D., Ph.D. on a monthly basis at Dunedin Unity Church.

Core Health is like an energetic-psycho-spiritual “M.R.I.” that skillfully pinpoints blocks and distortions one is holding below the level of awareness that are stealing one’s quality of life. Core Health then quickly, deeply and thoroughly clears and frees one’s energetic field from them. This allows one’s innate core of health, physical, emotional, mental and spiritual, to flourish and expand. The results I’m seeing are amazing! Professionally, I have been doing school counseling for 27 years, and for 8 of those years had a private mental health counseling practice. In addition to providing Core Health group Workshops and private sessions for individuals, I am working with Dr. Carlson and other Core Health Facilitators to integrate “Core Health for Youth” into our schools into our schools.

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Barbara Goss, CHF

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Clearwater, Florida

I am a certified Core Health Facilitator, and have studied Metaphysics for 25 years, and been a practitioner of Therapeutic Touch for 17 years. I have 4 grown children, and owned my own business for 31 years. I volunteer for several worthwhile causes. Core Health is the best gift you can give to your Self.