Core Health Facilitators in Largo, Florida


Joyce Evans, CHF

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Largo, Florida
Ph. (727) 586-5489

As a certified Core Health Facilitator, I have effectively used the concepts and principles with my special needs students and within my own family. Strategies learned from Core Health have a calming, affirming effect on emotionally handicapped, behavior disordered, and learning disabled children. They in turn beautifully use it with themselves and each other! I have training in Redirecting Children’s Behavior, in Character Education and in many learning strategies courses. I KNOW that until a child (or adult) feels good about themselves, no real learning can take place.  I am available for consultation about learning or parenting issues.

Debbie Dienstbier, Rev., CHF

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Largo, Florida
Ph. 727-433-3896

Core Health has helped many people find their atonement (at-one-ment) – where their true journey begins.

I am a Reverend at The Spiritual Center Church. At this healing center, we embrace all religions and help people discover the Spiritual Center within their self, which is the true church. I enjoy teaching and helping people awaken to their truth. My future growth includes working with children. I am a Medical Intuitive and use many healing modalities. Core Health has assisted me in reaching and fully integrating my potential in both my personal and professional life.

Megan Reppa, CHF

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Largo, Florida

After personally experiencing the wonderful life changes from Core Health and Heart Forgiveness, I chose to become a Core Health Facilitator.

Sharon George, CHF

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Largo, Florida
Ph. 813-210-0505

As an active Core Health Facilitator my goal is to continue my personal and spiritual growth while assisting others becoming free through the Core Health process. I learned of Core Health in 2009 while seeking a better understanding of my own personal pain and life traumas. I experienced a knowing that we are all one and the same energy.

My family history of alcoholism, abuse and co-dependency led me to a life of seeking. Core Health has given me proof that I can, and I have, overcome these negative belief systems. Working in the health care industry for over 20 years, I am very aware of the pain people suffer. For 5 years I’ve worked specifically with alcohol and drug addiction. Through Core Health, I can now assist others in achieving a life of positive life energy and wellness.