Core Health Facilitators in Saint Petersburg, Florida:

Leslie Green, ACHF

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St. Petersburg, Florida

Ph. 727-381-8089

I have a psychology degree, with graduate study in biology and clinical nutrition. In 2003 I began with the creation of Heart Forgiveness with Dr. Carlson, then participated in Core Health, Positive and Powerful Communication, Healthy Weight, Funny Money, plus several series of Continuous Meditation. I organized the Research Group on Depression. In 2005, I became a certified Core Health Facilitator. In 2006, I earned Advanced Core Health Facilitator certification, and continue participation in the ever-expanding cutting-edge discoveries in the Core Health process – completing 3 advanced trainings. I facilitated the original “Transferability Study”, and am currently co-leader of the research in “Core Health for Youth.”

I actively and eagerly see clients one-on-one, in groups and at a distance, to assist them to live from their inborn Radiant Core of Health and also facilitate the Life Series Applications. My additional background is in Energy Psychology, Positive Psychology, Quantum Touch, EFT, and Grand Master David’s advanced studies. I thoroughly enjoy assisting people to be in control of their own energy, moving through life freely, positively, happily. I invite you to contact me to experience this powerful process and observe your life experiences leap to joy beyond your imagination.

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Dr. Jeanne Bangtson, D.C.

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Saint Petersburg, Florida

Ph. 727-541-2675

Millennium Medical is the largest integrative healthcare clinic in Florida. We emphasize “patient care” rather than “disease care” – offering a more effective way of achieving long-term wellness than the temporary damage control so common in today’s medicine. Our philosophy is that to find the root of the problem, you have to dig beyond the symptoms. Our staff includes primary care physicians, physical therapists, chiropractors, acupuncturists, licensed massage therapists, and weight control specialists.

Since 1982, I have trained in a wide variety of traditional, integrative, and holistic modalities — including Ayurvedic Medicine, Functional Medicine, Energy Medicine and Sports Injuries. Core Health is a powerful process that adds a dimension beyond any other modality, to propel my patients to true Health. Trained in Core Health and Heart Forgiveness, I utilize both to assist individuals to become free of disease, and then to be optimally healthy. Difficult cases, decades long, that do not respond to traditional and alternative therapies markedly improve in the initial Core Health visits.


Linn Sennott,

PhD, E-RYT200, RYT500 Yoga Teacher, Creator of Heart Energy Yoga!, Advanced Core Health Facilitator
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St. Petersburg, Florida
Ph. 727-599-5819

University professor, teacher, and researcher for 30 years publishing articles and a book in advanced mathematics. I am a long-time yoga student and a yoga teacher in the Kripalu tradition, teaching heart-centered classes. As an E-RYT (Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher), I’ve innovated a method incorporating hand weights, exercise bands, and balls with the yoga postures, while maintaining a meditative focus. I am also an experienced workshop leader in various yogic topics.

As a professor, and later, I studied psychology and various personal growth methods. But I felt that something was missing. Then, I had the great fortune to discover Core Health and the amazing discovery that underneath everything is Energy! I experienced from the inside out (rather than from the outside in, as in most modalities) that we each have a Pure Core of healthy energy, that we can clear blockages to its full expression, and then continue to expand this naturally healthy core to all aspects of our life. Through the amazingly simple, yet elegant and deep, Core Health methods, we can free our energies, enabling us to create and live the full and joyous life we have always dreamed about. As a CH Facilitator, I look forward to sharing the wonders of Core Health, Heart Forgiveness, and other application series with you.

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Kore Ashton

St. Petersburg, Florida

Ph. 727-458-3333

As a lifestyle designer and energy practitioner, my goal is to assist others in finding their “core self” while creating and maintaining balance within as well as creating sacred environments.

John Roman, CHF

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St. Petersburg, Florida

Having participated fully with Dr. Ed in the Leadership Series on the 12 Levels of Core Health, Research Study Groups on Depression, Healthy Weight, and research project with Incarcerated Criminal Drug Addicts, I have grown tremendously and have a beautiful grasp of this process. Core Health has assisted in my personal growth and inner freedom. It is profound to experience what my true voice is saying and to experience instant release through Heart Forgiveness Meditation.

Linda Carlson, CHF

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St. Petersburg, Florida

For over 20 years, I’ve been involved in energy work. Since the inception of Core Health I am privileged to participate as this process unfolded in a manner unparalleled in the energy field. Seeing hundreds of people’s lives change from the inside out, and observing many Facilitators being born to this “new” understanding, is gratifying. Core Health has achieved what most modalities have barely touched.

Currently I am creatively involved in interior decorating. I am blessed with a healthy relationship, 6 fine children and 4 beautiful grandchildren. Life is good!

Dr. Jill M. Perline,

N.D., L.M.T., C.N.H.P., A.C.H.F.

Owner of International Health Alliance
Ph. 727-710-5455

Jill is a Certified Naturopathic Doctor and a Licensed Massage Therapist,MA:34146, the author of the upcoming book “pH: Plugging into Health” and was certified as an Advanced Core Health Facilitator in the first course offered in 2005. Jill’s programs have helped thousands of individuals nationwide achieve better health, healing, and overall peak performance. Jill has assisted individuals in freeing themselves from diseases that traditional approaches thought were impossible to eliminate. Her clients range from under privileged children, CEOs interested in increasing their bottom line, to individuals suffering from diseases such as cancer, depression, and addictions, to elite athletes looking to improve performance.

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“Bringing The World Together, Through Optimizing Health.”