Core Health Facilitators in Tampa, Florida:

Mary Ellen Rivera, ACHF, LMT

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Tampa, Florida

Ph. 813-334-5491

I am an Advanced Core Health Facilitator, and a Certified Natural Health Professional. I have assisted Dr. Carlson in the advancement and implementation of the Core Health process and Life Applications. My facilitation skills have accelerated many individuals on their path to in~powerment. By clearing distorted energy patterns of life experiences, family and social conditioning, they live happier, healthier, fuller lives. I am a certified Reiki Master and use this modality in my Licensed Massage Therapy practice.

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Rick Eldridge , ACHF, CNHP

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Tampa, Florida
Ph. (813) 927-5647

Facilitating journeys in Core Health Expansions & Life Applications

Life is the Classroom: Bring your Inner Teacher and activate Remembered Wellness of your True self.

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Linda Chrystal, CHF, JSJ, LMT

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Tampa, Florida

Ph. 813-264-0303

As we remove the obstructions hindering our wellbeing, we discover that health is our natural state. You can discover your own Core Health with this simple process of shifting energy flow by clearing old blockages that no longer serve your highest good. After 30 years of studies in Energy Medicine, I share this amazing journey with you as a Core Health, Heart Forgiveness, and Funny with Money Facilitator. Begin to raise your own energy vibration to live a brighter happier life and create a new pattern for joy. Experience the true joie de vivre’ that IS the JOY found in your own HEART! My private practice also includes licensing as a Therapeutic Massage and Jin Shin Jyutsu Practitioner, as well as a certified Jin Shin Jyutsu Self-Help Instructor who provides Continuing Education Units (CEU) for Nurses and Florida Massage Therapists. Spiritually centered decades of evolving holistic studies prove to me that our body heals from within as we uncover the truth of our perfection. My joy is assisting you in re-discovering this process.

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Andrea T. Mason, ACC, CHF

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Tampa, Florida
Ph. 813-404-6558

I am a certified Life Coach with a background in Montessori education. My clients have included small business owners, housewives, a college CFO, people in recovery, teachers, students – all seeking the same goal: to change their lives for the better. Quite by “accident”, I stumbled onto CORE Health when Dr. Ed spoke to our local professional coach’s organization. Without thinking, I signed up for the Facilitator’s Training Course and all its prerequisites! Having experienced CORE Health myself, I see this as a wonderful way for clients to “clear out the junk”, so they can focus on developing their strengths, utilizing their gifts, and aligning with their true life purpose, thus becoming the change they seek.

In addition to coaching, I work as a school consultant for the Association Montessori Internationale (AMI), visiting schools around the country to assist them in earning and maintaining AMI Recognition. I love the traveling and the opportunities to work with a wide variety of people. I’m also a voracious reader and an enthusiastic kayaker.

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Jared Clark, CHF

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Tampa, Florida
Ph. 336-880-8120

For years I was searching for something, not quite sure what, that resonated within myself.  After my first session with Core Health, I knew that I found that something. As I went through the Core Health series, I personally experienced the simple, yet astonishing power of what Dr. Carlson had created. As I learn and experience more, I grow in ways that I did not think possible.

I look forward to continuing my journey and enjoying, not my new life, but the rediscovered life that we were all given when we were born. The life that I slowly gave away, piece by piece, over the years. I am enjoying discovering my true self, and living a life of joy and amazement.  Most importantly, I am focusing on helping others find their true self again – showing people that we can make a new choice, today.  To live a life of abundant happiness, to assuage the grief that we all have felt, and show the world that we can truly live Happy and Healthy!

I am available for group or individual sessions and eagerly look forward to helping others through Core Health and its Life Application Series.

Allison Howard, CHF

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As a librarian with a background in health education, and a life-long learner, I’m continually amazed and intrigued at the simplicity and results of Core Health.

Madeline Diemer, CHF

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Tampa, Florida
Ph. 813-920-8451

In my four decades of assisting people and leading a church, and authoring the book Journey to Joy: A Guide to Enjoying your Emotions, I am delighted to have the added resource of being a certified Core Health Facilitator. I have personally experienced, and witnessed in others, profound shifts with this powerful process.

Debbie Bizjack, CHF

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Tampa, Florida
Ph. 727-858-0567

I participated fully in Core Health and the Life Applications series Heart Forgiveness, Funny with Money, Body in Harmony, Readiness for Relationship, and in the Core Health Facilitator TRAINING. Since acquiring my System Science B.S. in 1986, I utilized my “left-brained”, analytical side to view the world in Information Technology. Four years ago, my “right-brain” made its presence known to instill balance by guiding me into the start of developing my spirituality. Following this path, I have taken personal development classes ranging from Reiki, Spirit Art, Color Therapy, Jin Shin Jitsu, Intuitive Development, etc. By far, the two with the greatest impact on releasing physical, spiritual, emotional and mental related glitches in my life are Core Health, and the EPIX/SCIO biofeedback. My desire is to utilize what I have learned from my own personal experiences and continuing education in order to help others.