Dr. Livia Kohn, CHF, HFF

E-mail: Dr. Kohn

Albuquerque, NM

Phone: 727-501-6915

Dr. Livia Kohn, Core Health Facilitator, Heart Forgiveness FacilitatorA China scholar and Daoism specialist by profession, I have been engaged in spiritual and self-help practices for over 30 years: tai chi, qigong, insight meditation, and more. I am a Kripalu-certified yoga teacher, qigong instructor, trained hypnotist, level-1 Reiki practitioner, and spaceholder for spiritual barefoot dancing. Core Health connects to all of these modalities but goes far beyond them in simplicity, beauty, efficiency, power, and fun. I am honored to be a Core Health and Heart Forgiveness facilitator and dedicate myself to empowering people in finding their own true health and best way of living. I am also deeply honored to be the co-author of Core Health: The Quantum Way to Inner Power.