Core Health Facilitators in Ohio:

Johan Miller, CHF

Founder Worldwide Kindness Community

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Toledo, OH

Ph. 419-754-6909

(Classes offered in Ohio, Michigan, Illinois, Indiana, Pennsylvania, Missouri, Tennessee, Florida & Will travel.)

I am a Core Health Facilitator, the founder of Worldwide Kindness Community, an Intuitive Energetic Healing Guide, an EFT Advanced Practitioner, a Reiki Master and online business building expert. My primary interest is focused on helping others achieve a higher self worth, greater spiritual perspective and walking a life of wholeness.  I have been ordained as a Minister of Christ since 1992.  Traveling inside and outside of the USA (including ministry trips to Mexico, Peru and Brazil).  In the late 90’s I founded Golden Spiral Ministries.  In 2007 the yearning of my heart led me to Dr. Ed Carlson, discovering the ‘how’ of truly walking a life of wholeness, Core Health. Quickly integrating the program into myself and into the ministry.

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“We are all born connected, no concept of separation from anything. Then living life convinces us of being separate; sends many confusing, conflicting stories. Core Health energetically rewrites this programming, reawakens the union!”