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Tammy Jinks, CHF

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Central OK 74864
Ph. 405-567-2404

As the owner of Ohana Wellness Solutions, I am a certified Core Health Facilitator and a Weight Loss Coach.  My degree is in Business Administration and Finance, to which I have added a variety of natural health knowledge and experience.  I specialize in energy balancing and assist others in emotionally and physically detoxifying their lives.

I initially participated in the 12 Expansion Levels of Core Health (Series I and II).  I was amazed at how quickly I benefited from this process both emotionally and physically.  This highly effective program, allowed me to re-gain more of my health in 12 weeks than I had in the past five years!  I went on to participate in Heart Forgiveness, Funny with Money, and then pursued the certification process to become a Core Health Facilitator.  Although life continues to present many challenging cross-roads, the Core Health tools I now carry allow me to embrace the NOW and live each moment as my Perfect Moment.

My passion is assisting individuals and their pets back to true health.  My mission is to inform all willing that there are options and each person has the capability to take back their power and live in true health.  I focus on finding the root of the problem and not just treating symptoms.  I invite you to contact me as the first step to exploring this amazing process and experiencing the wonderful RESULTS this unique program has to offer you!

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