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The following are qualified only as Heart Forgiveness Facilitators:

Robin Trotter, BBA, SPHR, LMT, HFF

Apollo Beach, Florida
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Born a natural helper, I have always had a penchant for helping others.  The ups and downs of my life have brought me through working with disabilities, divorce, dealing with alcoholism & addiction, guiding teenagers through AlaTeen 12-step program for children of alcoholic families, and exploring life in general.

Hungry for learning, I continue to study and learn all I can about life … on many levels.  Heart Forgiveness and Core Health have quenched my thirst and shown me how easy it is to release negative feelings, and get out of your head and into your heart for optimal health in body, mind and spirit.   I realize we don’t have to be “stuck” with the bad stuff.   My interest has been piqued to help others be free of negativity, stress, and beating themselves up so they can live In-Powered.  I’m excited to facilitate your journey through Heart Forgiveness so you can be happy, joyous and free to be who you were born to BE!

Patricia Ann Starr, BA, LMT, RA, SET, HFF

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Sarasota, Florida

Ph. 941-356-7768

I took my training in Psychology into the business world for 20 years, owning my own successful company. Then, due to personal health challenges, I entered the alternative treatment world of meditation, yoga, aromatherapy, massage and energy work (Rieki, Energetic Therapy, Chakra). As a Cranial Structural Therapist, specializing in “core distortion release patterns” relating to body structure, I was excited to find Core

Health and Heart Forgiveness – the key to release the emotional “core distortions” within our energy patterns, that block us, rather than further us.

When I experienced Core Health and Heart Forgiveness – that did it for me. Thank goodness, Dr. Ed put this together in such a comprehensive way. As a Cranial Structural therapist, the Energy Measuring allows me to talk to the body specifically. Utilizing the Heart Forgiveness Series, I can now also free the emotional body effectively. This process gives me clear and consistent communication with the subconscious mind – which runs our life 95% of the time! Finally, great clearing progress can be made. Yeah!! I’m thrilled to be a Facilitator of Heart Forgiveness and genuinely assist individuals.

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Jan Smith HFF

Lakeland, Florida / Mesa, Arizona
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Jan came to Core Health in 2012 with a strong background in Education – an undergraduate degree from the University of CA and a Master’s degree in Education from Baylor University. Jan completed a 35 year teaching career in public and private school, accompanied by an equal number of years as an athletic coach and trainer.

Having once received a community Volunteer of the Year Award, Jan dedicates much time and effort to the causes, programs, and organizations that are most important to her, primarily those involving animals, youth, nature, and the environment. As a lifelong advocate of an active lifestyle, she has participated in local, national, and international sports competitions, demonstrations, and instruction. Currently, her favorite activities are pickleball and dance. Jan lived 13 years overseas, has visited over 50 countries, and takes delight in cultural festivals and folklore, architecture, open air and historical lifestyle museums, as well as meeting people for shared intercultural experiences. She takes to the road several months each year traveling internationally and domestically in pursuit of her passion for travel and choreographed ballroom dance. She resides part-time in Lakeland, Florida and part-time in Mesa, Arizona.

If you are looking for a Heart Forgiveness Facilitator in the Lakeland, FL or Phoenix, AZ areas or one who is willing to travel to your location to offer sessions, contact Jan.

Matt Layman, HFF

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Cramerton, North Carolina (Near Charlotte)
Ph. 336-516-6684

Greetings.  I am a big fan of word pictures. Coming to mind this moment is: My life’s journey has been like that of a donkey pulling a plow. Me as the donkey…yes…often a jackass.  The plow is the tool creating my life experiences as a father of five, ex-husband of two, 35-year entrepreneur of half a dozen businesses, several good ones and a few not so good.

As I peek over my shoulder I see some straight rows, some jagged rows, some fertile ground, some parched turf; some healthy plants, some withered, and some dead.

Now, as I turn and face the future, I am aware that my time hitched to the plow is limited, and what matters most is the quality of that time.

My life experiences, I suspect, have been much like yours…good, bad, & ugly. Through the Core Health Series, I have discovered freedom from the burdens of the past and created moment-by-moment joyful living for the here and now and the future.

My privilege, delight, and hope is to guide you into that same freedom.

Email or call me today, right now… it’s really quite easy.

Jennifer Andrews, HFF, HHP

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St. Petersburg, FL

Jennifer Andrews is a Heart Forgiveness Facilitator and a professional holistic hair stylist who enjoys integrating inner beauty and outer beauty balance. Jennifer offers individual sessions to people of all ages, including our small future adults. She enjoys working with younger adults because she feels such an importance on paving a healthy way into their futures, by arming them with knowledge of how to manage their own energy and lives. If only we all had this information when we were children, how much easier our lives could have been! Learning forgiveness from a young age, and any age, is vital to good health and long- lasting love.

Jennifer enjoys sharing these valuable “life tools,” and finds a deep sense of joy to be able to offer the road to peace for wounded hearts. She has been a professional hair stylist for 21 years and dedicates her time traveling the country training beauty professionals to use non-toxic, safe beauty products for professional use. Jennifer is the creative director for Organic Color Systems, and the owner of St Petersburg’s first organic and wellness spa, Harmony Eco Spa, located downtown St Pete at the Hollander Hotel. She is a certified Holistic Health/Drugless Practitioner offering services to help those in need of getting off of pharmaceuticals, and learning a new path of healthy living. Her focus is assisting the “whole” person, inside and out, to find their balance.

Jennifer has a strong desire to assist everyone that is ready to let it all go. She is sensitive, intuitive and loves this process immensely. Her background has led her along the path to wellness and living happy through completing Core Health, Heart Forgiveness and Silent Retreats.
“This program completely changed my life. I started to experience more joyful moments as an adult like when I was a kid. How fun! Do something nice for yourself…you are worth it, and it’s easier than you may think. All sessions are 100% confidential.”

Emily Cheng, BFA, HFF
New York City
Ph: 917-957-4466

Heart Forgiveness and Core Health benefit our total being – decluttering our minds of negative emotions, empowering us to be in control of our energy and thoughts to pursue personal visions, live with ease, and make contributions to the world. For 4 decades, I have been working creatively as an artist/painter, teaching and traveling. I am inspired by how we can tap into, feel and give form to the energy of the universe, its’ interconnectivity and its spirit. I taught at Cooper Union, NYU, Rhode Island School of Design and Cal Arts, and currently the School of Visual Arts in New York City. The beauty of CH is that it works through physical and visual channels utilizing the imagination to make shifts in our habitual and often destructive thought patterns which appear uninvited. Living a full and creative life includes being free – of angers and other negative emotional holds and energies. This process is fun, simple and effective. I am eager and honored to facilitate individuals or small groups ready to enjoy experiencing a lighter, freer more joyful existence in their precious lives.

Dr. Mary Murray
Largo, Florida
Phone: 727-319-3020

As a clinical psychologist, in private practice for 27 years, I have found an intervention that I have been searching for over many years. Health Forgiveness is a method that offers a quick, deep and practical approach for anyone who struggles with emotional pain. This approach offers lasting help for individuals with anger issues, depression, loss of hope, low self-esteem, anxiety and relationship difficulties. In four sessions, the participants’ ability to manage their own energy without experiencing the heightened sensitivity or reactivity toward others’(negative attitudes or behaviors) are realized. The lasting ability to demonstrate and maintain control over one’s emotions is powerful. Participants are also provided with the materials they will need if there are future struggles; therefore, the need for additional help is significantly reduced. I invite you to contact me to experience this positive transformation for yourself.
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Diana Bustos, HFF;

Pembroke Pines, Florida    Ph. 954-260-0804

I am a Personal Performance Coach, Heart Forgiveness Facilitator, EFT Practitioner, and workshop leader. My current direction is achieving a Master’s Degree in Holistic Health with the American Institute of Holistic Theology. I love helping others as they overcome obstacles hindering their ability to live life to their fullest. Effective processes assist clients to identify and clear old wounds and limiting beliefs that are currently causing chaos in their life. Please visit

Maryum Haqq, HFF

Toronto, Canada    Ph. 416-519-3859

I am committed to being an active participant in the spiritual progress and change occurring within human beings and the world at large.  My family and I have lived in Guyana, (South America), St. Croix (USVI), & Cairo, Egypt.  What I found amongst the people of all these cultures is that the processes of Heart Forgiveness and Core Health benefit everyone regardless of social status or religious beliefs by enabling them to see the power, depth and impact that our own energy and thought processes have in our lives.  Core Health successfully breaks through all barriers and truly shows the unity and oneness of our universe.  I currently reside in Toronto Canada where I am pursing a degree in philosophy and psychology.  Muscle testing is an exciting process and I am happy and willing to share with anyone desiring to learn.

Matt Gross, HFF

I am studying for a Professional Writing degree at York University in Toronto, Canada.  I experienced the Heart Forgiveness Series for myself, then became a Heart Forgiveness Facilitator. Having the founder of Core Health and Heart Forgiveness, Dr. Ed Carlson, as my step dad and in my life for the past 24 years has been a blessing.  As a result I’ve been exposed first hand to the science of energy measuring.  I’ve been able to see the development of this amazing process.

Personally, I have benefited from Heart Forgiveness.  What an amazing method we have for our use to correct glitches our conscious mind has forgotten, and free ourselves to live more clearly.  The Heart Forgiveness process is quick and super effective.  No longer do we have to live with guilt and negativity — we can release the ties that bind us and be free.  No more baggage!!

I’ve lived in South America, USVI, Egypt and Canada.  During my travels I have seen much, and came to the realization that everyone would benefit from the forgiveness process.  I’m so glad we have the opportunity to share this great process.

I am available to take people on an individual basis through this amazing process.

Kathy Keymann, HFF

Newburg, Missouri     Ph:  573-435-0035

A profound personal experience and a deep appreciation for “Heart Forgiveness”  provide the impetus to share this powerful process. As a veterinarian for years, I appreciate animals and people.

Based on the reality that the natural response of a truly loving heart is to forgive, four guided “Heart Forgiveness” sessions initiate the journey and allow forgiveness to happen.

Step off the edge….move beyond anger and fear, into a deeper place….of forgiveness, freedom and tranquility.

Awilda “Willi” Epp, PFT, CPR, HFF

Feel Happy Every Day!

I am a Personal Fitness Trainer and teach inline skating.  Exercise has always been in my life.  I relate to life and others by being sound of body, mind and spirit.   Heart Forgiveness opened my heart to more happiness every day and connecting well with others. I am a Heart Forgiveness Facilitator because I feel good inside to be helpful. My great joy is seeing others no longer carry anger and resentment so they enjoy a very positive life.

Though functioning well and living my life, I was not totally engaged with LIFE or seeing others in a healthy way.  I was skeptical about Core Health.  When I experienced the processes in Core Health and Heart Forgiveness, I was so ecstatic inside that I had to facilitate others to become as happy and feel as great as I am.

Dr. Carlson recognized I had a Penthos experience – gut wrenching – but released me from a dormant negative past.  I was happy to share that because some things in our past continue to influence how we behave.  I am now free of that negative energy.  I did not even know I had these ‘issues’ going on in me!  With Core Health, there is no need to be afraid you will say things that are personal or that it will take a long time to move on to a better energized, upbeat YOU. Core Health is quick!

I am now in a great state of ‘being’ with control of my energy, rather than others or situations controlling me.  The techniques are “Deeply, Thoroughly and Quickly” learned.

Know that your past experiences will not hold you back any longer.  With Heart Forgiveness you do not need to know or say what happened, because your energy knows.  Take this journey and feel alive with your new energy.  Clear all anger(s) hurting you.  Heart Forgiveness is a wonderful way to make peace with wonderful you.  Become free from angry outburst, from relatives or strangers, keep all negativity away and become stronger in mind, body, emotion and spirit.  In a short period of time, all of this is accomplished. This path will open your heart and allow you to see the Universe as it really is, beautiful!!!

Pick any facilitator and gift this to yourself.

I hope we meet.

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