Energy Essentials offers a variety of training opportunities that create and blend subjective experiences with objective/rational experiences to create a powerfully balanced whole.

Our main courses are Core Health and the Life Applications Series. Specialized group courses and participation by telephone can be developed.

Core Health “prepares the inside terrain” of our lives. We systematically free ourselves from the universal areas where people get stuck, and from the hurts and pain and baggage gathered as we live our lives. This is accomplished without reliving the past or going back through the pain. Positive energy is then expressed in positive living. Two 3-day weekend or three 2-day weekend intensives can accomplish Core Health.

Life Applications are tools for outside, everyday issues we frequently face. These uniquely individual series include:

  • Heart Forgiveness (a 2-day intensive)
  • Are YOU Funny with MONEY?
  • Continuous Meditation
  • Readiness for Relationship
  • Couples Synergy
  • Silent Re~Treat
  • Healthy Weight — Beyond What Goes Into YOUR Mouth
  • … and more.

Contact the Facilitator in your area for a personal session,
and to be notified of courses they lead.

Become a Facilitator: Core Health TRAINING develops your ability to lead groups and to assist individuals in the Core Health processes, and in the Life Applications courses.

  • Prerequisites for this program are completing Core Health, Heart Forgiveness and Silent Re~Treat for yourself.
  • TRAINING: you must complete a “practicum” of facilitating an individual or group through all 12 Expansion Levels of Core Health while taking the 3 weekends of TRAINING, and sign the Integrity Agreement.

Individuals completing Training in the 12 Expansion Levels of Core Health are designated CHF, Core Health Facilitator, and are available to assist others with Core Health. Individuals with additional Skills Development Training are designated ACHF, Advanced Core Health Facilitators.ACHT, Advanced Core Health Trainer, designates those capable of training others to be Facilitators.

Send an email to for more information on
becoming a Facilitator.

Learning by Experiencing

True learning arrives through personal experience. This is beyond reading, talking, theorizing, and another lecture “about it.” Suppose someone tells you “about” something, then you experience it as totally different — which would you trust? What someone told you? Or what you personally experience? True reality flows from your own individual experience, in every cell and vibration of your being. You know and you know that you know.

Each aspect of the Core Health and Life Applications series creates personal, measurable, retainable experiences — subjective and objective — resulting in life-long change.

Powerful and Effective Methods

Energy Essentials has created very powerful methods of clearing and learning at all levels — spiritual, mental, emotional and physical. We’ve experimented with various training formats regarding their effectiveness, sequencing, spacing, retention, and creating optimum individual experiences. The results are real and often beyond description — ineffable.

People of all ages are excited by this powerful process and by energy measuring. From ages 5 to 92, from those addicted to drugs and crime, to participants in retreats for families, for women, and for men, these methods are proven truly effective across all ages, and all social and cultural dimensions.

Life is more vast than our wildest imaginations and dreams.

Come have fun with us, and experience more of your True Self.

Add Core Health, Life Applications, Core Health Training, or a single session to your group’s experience. All team members are available as speakers at conferences. CE credit can be accomplished.

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